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Life Reflections

3 months ago, God showed me this scripture to post on social media. Of course, I always considered utilizing backgrounds of images I've taken over the years while traveling. But this picture stood out to me because when you are in an airplane, you are flying high above the storms. The storms in the sky and in your life because of elevation above the clouds. Everything that we have experienced over the last 3 months is so different than anyone could have imagined in 2020. But all I keep seeing when I look at this picture is when you look up even from the ground level all you see is possibility.

What if all you do from this day forward is keep your thoughts high because it keeps you connected to God. Just think back on your life and where you have come from the worst situations until now. Just as God brought you through the bad breakup, divorce, loss of a loved one or even financial ruin; remember God is what we need most to survive. Just as the plants on the Earth need water and sunlight, we need the connection with God through the Holy Spirit.

We need to connect with God so we will know our purpose and receive his peace in all we do because we are in his will.

I pray that whatever is causing you to feel low in your spirit, that you release those burdens to God. Then you shall receive love, joy and peace to rest in his presence as he works it out for your good, Amen and many blessings.

"I prayed to the Lord , and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears."

(Psalms 34:4 NLT)

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