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Is it harder to receive than believe?

Sometimes I hear words spoken while listening to people or even while seeing different social media posts. When connected to God you should have a peace that comes over reading and hearing truth and believe. For the most part we all believe that God exists or believe that "something (replace with what you are believing for)" will happen one day. It could be debt freedom, a new car or home and even to hit the lottery. But one must also ask, "Do I truly receive that it could happen?"

Receiving a word spoken directly to you from someone close to you or not is harder to receive depending on type of communication, relationship or authority. It may be a word of absolute truth but if you don't want to accept that truth you choose not to receive that truth.

In 2018, God gave me a word that I had printed on shirts "Own Your Truth, Own Your Destiny." Owning your truth can be hard, especially if the truth of your frustration, hurt or pain is based on decisions you made without consulting God. When you own your own mistakes and admit your problems, then God can truly step in and bring us to a new place. That new place is our next step towards forgiveness, growth towards our purpose, recovery of peace lost but ultimately our destiny.

Every day we have a choice to make, continue living as if what I see can't change or know that if I make a change today it could alter trajectory your life. So what's your choice: Believe only or Receive and Believe? Your destiny is awaiting alignment with our creator.

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