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One of my favorite things about traveling to the beach is just standing or walking along the shore line looking out at the water.

When you look out at this picture, you see the light sands, blue waters and blue sky. But when I look at this picture, I see endless possibilities.

When God created the earth it was for his enjoyment and to share Heaven on Earth with us. So many times, the lack of experiences, knowledge and/or fear keeps us from seeing the infinite blessings, potential and opportunities that God had already destined for our lives.

Just think what if you had no limits: what would you be doing today, where would you be living or how would you use your gifts with no limits life to serve others? Each and everyone of us has a minimum of 1 gift with some of is having even more. What limitations have you placed on yourself, your family and generations after you? Remove the limitations so you can see the freedom and abundance God has waiting on you. Start the blog, build the business, write the plan or even take the vacation.

Whatever the limit is for you, declare today "No More Limits, No More Delays!"

No matter how many times you have heard "There is greatness on the inside of you," this time believe it and run with it until God calls you home.

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